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What we do here at SY1 & SY2 Salons


Allergy testing

For color clients, an important service is provided. New clients undergo a skin test up to 48 hours before their color service, while existing clients are periodically patch tested to ensure no changes in sensitivity to our color products.

Braids & Unicorn hair

Braiding remains a popular choice throughout the year, with a particular surge in the summer months for events like festivals or simply to keep hair away from the face. Our Unicorn braids are a hit among children and are also available as a service for adults.

Colour services

Our priority is to provide you with the most up-to-date techniques and trends in hair coloring, utilizing high-quality Schwarzkopf products while ensuring the integrity of your hair.

Consultation ( free)

Scheduling a complimentary consultation is an ideal opportunity to communicate your hair preferences with your stylist. It also helps in establishing a connection with your stylist and boosting your confidence. Typically, this consultation focuses on color, perm, or wedding services.


Staying informed about current hair cutting trends in order to provide you with the hairstyle you desire.

Ear Piercing

SY2 the salon offers ear piercing services with a selection of studs available in 24 ct gold plated, Titanium, or Stainless steel. Additionally, we provide an aftercare solution for your convenience.


There are various options available for hair extension application, including Tapes, micro beads, nano beads, or pre-bonded extensions. This diverse range ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your hair type.

Fabriq & treatments

From Quick fix to Ultimate treatment in our fabulous Fabriq service. Clients are loving it.

To witness the change, check out the results for coarse, curly, or rebellious hair.

Kids cuts & Blow-drys

Even 2-year-old clients are interested in receiving pampering services.

Throughout the 20 years of our business, we have witnessed several generations passing through our doors.

Over 65s Special rates

Our salons offer the Glam-mas rates daily. We will ensure you receive pampering and attentive care from our team. Who's up for some coffee and biscuits?

Permanent waving/ spiral/directional winding

Our perming services cater to all family members, with a special appeal to young boys who often choose a top perm with a skin fade for a striking appearance. Perms not only enhance the look but also improve the overall feel of the hair. It is recommended to avoid perming heavily lightened hair. Don't hesitate to book a free consultation with your stylist. We aim to offer top-notch guidance and share pertinent details without delving into technicalities.

Retail Products

Our inventory includes popular hot stylers such as Beauty Works, Cloud Nine, and GHD.

We offer many of the shampoos and conditioners used in the backwash area in smaller 250ml bottles. Additionally, we sell a variety of styling products used on the salon floor.


If you're unsure what gift to get for your loved one or friend, consider purchasing a voucher that can be customized to any amount you prefer.

Wedding hair

The Bridal party has the option to have their service done at the salon, at home, or at the venue.

Visit us for a consultation and hair trials. Our stylists are experienced, creative, and able to work effectively even under the pressures of the wedding day.

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