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Hairstyles to really challenge your stylist with!

How to stress your Hairdresser!!

The Mohawk

A Bold and edgy hairstyle.

The head is shaved either side or close trimmed. A strip of longer hair is left down the middle of the head, from the forehead to the nape.

The longer centre hair can be styled to stand up in spikes perhaps or sculpt into complicated shapes or patterns.

A difficult to create and maintain hairstyle.

Its Cultural significance is that the Mohawk has been associated with sub-cultures, rebellion and non-conformity becoming a symbol of individualism.

The Afro

Iconic and beautiful.

Natural voluminous curly hair that stands out somewhat from the head in a rounded shape.

Requiring a lot of maintenance and styling, finding the right products for this is often difficult.

Its cultural significance; Deep roots in African American culture and seen as a symbol of pride and identity.

Up do incorperating hair extensions

This requires both skill and experience to create these intricate hair dos.

It can be challenging to blend the extensions with the natural hair especially at the root area when lifting the hair in an upward direction. Also difficult to secure into place.

This can be very time consuming. Popular for Brides or any other special occasions like proms or a ball.

It is an advanced hairdressing skill which not all stylists choose to do.

Tools needed may be clips,bobby pins,hairspray, teasing comb, brush and hair ties.


Lots of time patience and dedication taken to create this look.

It can take months to form Dreadlocks and then an ongoing creation as the hair gets longer.

It can be hard to find someone who specialises in this.

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