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Fabriq formerley known as Kerastraight


Glossy Manageable hair

Quick fix Treatment

Repairs, rebuilds, re-hydrates, making hair soft strong & healthy for up to 30 days!

Takes approximately 30 minutes.


Quick Fix +Treatment

Intensify the Quick Fix treatment for even better strength & condition!

Takes approximately 45 minutes & lasts around 30 days.


Reset Treatment

Transforms the hair using low PH protein treatment, making hair smoother, straighter, stronger, shinier & altogether easier to manage for up to 4 months.

Lasts even better when maintained with your professional home care products.

The treatment gives the hair more resistance to humidity & to damage of the hair, which in turn helps aid growth thanks to reduced breakage.

This treatment takes between 2-3 hours.

These pictures, both above & below are taken of our own clients showing the excellent condition of the hair after treatment. Some pictures also show the hair before treatment.

People are absolutlely loving the fabriq product.

Fabriq treatments can be used on all hair types & are personalised to you.

Come in to Sy2 the Salon or Sy1 Hair to ask about Fabriq & to book a free consultation, giving you all the information you need about this innovative protein based technology.

Fabriq key facts

  • Renews & repairs hair

  • Defines curls

  • Tames curls

  • Rehydrates hair

  • Gives hair shine & lustre

  • Improved Manageability

  • Gives you straight, soft, silky & smooth hair

  • Protects hair, enabling it to grow faster

  • Fights Humidity

Absolutely everything you want for your hair and more....

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