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6 Things to know when going Blonde for the first time

Thinking of going a shade of Blonde?

Obviously Blonde comes in all different shades & depths, with lots to consider. At SY2 the Salon & SY1 Hair we offer free consultations for you to talk with your stylist about the best plan for you.

Below we will look at 6 major points to consider, as here at SY salons, we like to give as much information to you as we can to ensure you leave your appointment feeling amazing!

  1. It doesn't always happen in one salon visit! We endeavour to maintain the quality and integrety of your hair.

  2. It's going to be an investment , but definitely worth it, remember; 'Rome wasnt built in a day'.

  3. Don't expect miracles, we have an amazingly talented team but we can't perform magic, especially if you have a history of using box dye on your hair. This can affect how your end colour may turn out.

  4. Be as transparent as you can with your stylist about products & colour history of your hair, if you don't it may affect the outcome.

  5. To really enhance your new look, changing up the colours of your clothing and even makeup can really bring out the tones in your new do!

  6. Blondes don't always have more fun, if the shade of blonde you want is not going to suit you then take advice from your stylist. Spend this consultation time with your stylist wisely to make a good informed decision of what the best route to fabulous hair is for you.

Here's an example of a big colour change from dark to light and as mentioned above, to best show off your new gorgeous hair you may need to change up the colours or tones that you wear.

How best do you think this lovely lady above could adjust her wardrobe or makeup to enhance her luscious blonde locks?

Feel free to leave coments or suggestions on this post, or to let us know what else you would like to see from us on our blogs page :)

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